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Housing Program

This program is for displaced individuals. The Common-goods housing program provides both long- and short-term housing, life skills support classes, career coaching, and therapy. 


This program is a mentorship program for, ages 6-18. The youth will learn what leadership looks like in their lives and graduate from the program known as “Leading Ladies and Gents”. The Mini’s groups will focus on identity, friendship, public speaking, and serving the community.

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Women’s Rescue Mission

This program will be a physical building that is designed to be safe place for women in need of refuge from abuse, homelessness, and addiction. This program is not permanent but will cater to women and children emergency needs upon request. The organization will partner with local organizations to provide basic living necessities to those in need.

Internal Support

A health care clinic, to include mental health is within the rescue mission. Our clients will have access as needed by healthcare professionals.

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